Garden Containers from BOS Best Of Steel

A BOS garden container in steel offers space for garden tools or various other accessories for which there is no space in the garden or cellar. It is possible to assemble the BOS garden container professionally in just a few simple steps. A garden container in steel has a lot of advantages in comparison to a container made of timber. Not only can it be placed anywhere in the garden, but it also offers protection in all weathers, is resistant to rust and made of durable material.

Advantages and areas of application for garden containers

Garden tools such as hedge trimmers or lawn mowers can be stored in a space saving manner. In addition, there are numerous other possibilities for use which can be adapted to fit the requirements and personal preferences. The assembly of the BOS Quick-Build-Container can be done by anyone without problem, quickly and easily. Special prior knowledge is not necessary. Just a little bit of manual skill and the garden container can be stood in the desired place in the garden to fulfill its purpose there.   The container is ideally suitable for creating tidiness in private gardens, plant and tree nurseries, for storing the most important equipment and for protection against all kinds of weather. Basically, each user can choose individually where the garden container should be placed, sufficient space and safe access to the container are required, so that the equipment and accessories located in the container can be safely removed and returned to their place after use.  

Practical protection and plenty of space – a neat solution  

A BOS garden container is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. It can be closed securely, an important requisite for protecting the contents from theft and vandalism, as well as from damp and rust. There are many things which can be stored in a steel garden container. Not only large garden equipment such as a hedge trimmer or lawn mower, but also bicycles, toys or small tools. A garden container stands firmly on the ground and the construction is simple. All parts required are supplied as a complete kit   Convince yourself of the advantages of a garden container made of metal and allow us to give advice with no obligations. We are happy to provide you with an individual offer for a garden container, which is tailored to your needs.  

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