Material containers from galvanized sheet steel

Every building contractor knows the problem – where to put building materials, the many tools and construction machines? Storage outdoors is only possible on guarded sites and by bad weather even that is not an option. BOS material containers provide an economical and fast solution.

Material containers can be set up at virtually every location, i.e. next to, on and in buildings. For locations which are inaccessible for cranes or lorries, the disassembled delivery (transport in single parts possible), often offers the only solution.

Material containers offer generous storage space with a low space requirement. Building sites change according to progress and sometimes the location of the material container has to be reconsidered. This is particularly easy with a BOS material container because of jack rings which enable the container to be hooked up to crane gear and speedily relocated.

Additional benefit: especially on unguarded sites a high level of theft security is necessary – here as well the BOS material container offers a standardized and therefore cost effective solution as a building site container.

Material Containers in different sizes

With different base areas (from 1x2 m to 5x6 m), the BOS material containers can exactly fit your needs and space requirements. BOS material containers have been in use for more than 35 years, are TÜV certified and have the GS mark, guaranteeing the highest operational safety!

Practical accessory items make the use of the material container even more efficient, shelving systems, access ramps, hose and cable suspensions provide and maintain operation-oriented storage. The tool-free mounted electrical package provides high working safety in the material container even in unfavourable light conditions.

Every BOS material container is made of galvanized sheet steel; the manufacturer gives a 10 year guarantee against corrosion of the Best-Point-Joints.

BOS Best Of Steel offers its customers in addition to comprehensive and personal advice, the punctual delivery to almost any location, even directly on site. An own fleet of vehicles provides the necessary flexibility that the construction industry demands. Material containers at any time and any place – one of the manufacturer’s premises. All standard containers can be delivered in Germany within one week.

The BOS material container will become an indispensible part of your building site.

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