Self Storage

Rental space can be created with little effort – inside and outside

Fields of application:

Self Storage: Solutions made of steel

The robust Quick-Build-Containers from BOS Best Of Steel are ideally suitable as storage space for the growing self-storage business, e.g. for customer-friendly interim storage of furniture, files and personal items. The containers and warehouses can be used both indoors and outdoors.

High mobility and a quick set-up and dismantling allow the landlord to react promptly to demand fluctuations: extra rental space can be created with minimal effort.

Available in different sizes – the possibilities are virtually unlimited. For example the BOS Quick-Build-Container SC3000 can be built in record speed as the assembly is tool-free (for example: 3x2m with 2 people in 5 minutes) and it can be stacked up to 3 high!

On request additional security elements such as the BOS anti-theft security bar or the BOS burglar protection can be mounted. Furthermore, the storage goods can be protected with an anti-condensation coating. The coating applied at BOS to the underside of the roof absorbs humidity and thus protects effectively against water drops.

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The following are suitable for your self storage: