Gas Cylinder Container SGL+

Particular safety for gas storage

Fields of application:

Gas Cylinder Container SGL+

An economical and safe storage solution for the legally compliant storage of gas cylinders.

  • Technical details
    • 4 jack rings for easy transportation, can be lifted  by crane when empty
    • Metal runners for forklift transport and ground ventilation
    • Grate floor, floor load bearing capacity 500kg/m²
    • Snow load safety 210kg/m²
    • Holding brackets and straps protect the gas cylinders from falling over
    • Best-Point-Technology with a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee on the Best-Point joints
    • Delivery: assembled
    • TRGS 510 regulates the storage of gas cylinders. It states, among other things, that gas cylinders must be stored on level ground and secured against falling over. For this purpose, lashing straps can be used for example (included in the scope of delivery).
  • Fields of application

    BOS containers are robust and versatile and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. Here you can find some of the areas of application such as: